It has become a little bit of a habit for us now in Bali, that we visit a new location every fortnight and over last weekend, Denise (@_deelaz) and I spent two days hanging out with another couple in Nusa Lembongan.

Nusa Lembongan: Location and How to get there

Nusa Lembongan (or Lembongan Island is pure English) is the one of the three ‘Nusa’ islands just East of Bali, the biggest being Nusa Penida and the smallest Nusa Ceningan.

Nusa Ceningan is actually connected to Nusa Lembongan via the ‘Yellow Bridge’ so essentially, whether you stay in Lembongan or Ceningan, you still get access to all the sights (provided you hire a scooter or motorbike).

As a side note, the bridge actually collapsed in 2016, killing 8 people but was since re-built, made stronger and has become ‘a new icon of Bali tourism‘.

Coming from Bali, we took a speedboat from the port in Sanur called the rocky boat. It took about 45 minutes and cost 500,000 IDR return per person ($35.28 USD). this included a transfer to our hotel, Poh Manis.

Christopher Dodd Poh Mani Nusa Lembongan

Me chilling in the pool at Poh Manis

Photo Spots

Blue Lagoon

The first spot we checked out was the blue lagoon where I had heard that there was a cliff-jumping point through Jackson Grove’s blog. I didn’t see anyone jumping and it definitely didn’t look like a safe place to start so we just took in the incredible blue water and took some photos and videos.

Christopher Dodd Nusa Lembongan Denise Lazaroo Blue Lagoon Nusa Lembongan

The Swings (Various Locations)

Throughout Nusa Ceningan and . Lembongan, you’ll find these swings with the name of the location on top. As you can see from the photos below, the firs one is obviously on Dream Beach and the second at the beach club, Sea Breeze.

Swings on Nusa Lembongan Island

Peeps & Other Media

On this occasion, we were travelling with friends who aren’t so big on Instagram (apart from Tatjana who does post some photos of her travels at @takeetoh27) and I wasn’t vlogging on this occasion BUT you’ll find some cool clips from Nusa Lembongan / Nusa Ceningan in my YouTube video, ‘2 Months in Bali’ (yet to be released).

Until next time,