About Me

Hi I’m Christopher Dodd, a self-taught filmmaker and YouTuber who has generated over 340,000 hours of watch time on YouTube and counting!

Throughout the experience of creating over 100 videos for my own social media, I re-discovered a passion for filmmaking that dates back to my early childhood.

Now, I’m on a mission to ‘live through my passion’ and master my craft of videography, filmmaking and photography.

Here’s a little bit about my story…


A common question I get from viewers of my most popular YouTube channel is how and when I learned to create videos.

Honestly, I can’t remember when I first picked up a camera but it was around 12 years old that I filmed and edited my first travel documentary. Unfortunately, the finished copy is on VHS and yet to be digitalised but below is a raw recording of the introduction.

During high school, I became the go-to guy for creating the ‘Spirit Videos‘, which were essentially promos for some of the biggest sporting events in high school. I also was a keen film student when the class opened in grade 11 and by the end of high school, I graduated first in my film class after producing the longest short film of the cohort, ‘Circus Freak‘.


Uninspired by my life in Brisbane and excited by the possibility of constant travel, I moved out of my Kelvin Grove apartment and left Australia to pursue the “digital nomad lifestyle”. 

I was watching a lot of YouTube at the time and was surprised to see that there weren’t many videos on the topic, so I set out to create my own channel to fill the void.

Working full-time as a web developer for a startup in Brisbane, I decided to name my first video overseas, ‘The 40 Hour Work Week’

My intention was to just vlog my experience but as I discovered more topics throughout my journey, I became passionate about using the medium of video to create in different formats. I started covering coworking spaces, providing advice and interviewing others I met along the way.

After creating weekly videos on my main channel for close to a year, I decided to create a new channel called Nomad Fit, to cover my fitness journey while travelling.

The idea to start a new channel was born out of a desire to create videos outside of my regular topic on my main channel, ‘Chris the Freelancer’ and as I continued making videos during my second year on YouTube, I felt a strong desire to continue raising the professionalism of my work.

I started learning colour grading, working with slow motion footage and creating my own titles and effects with After Effects and around mid-2017, I came to realise that I wanted filmmaking to become my craft.

After finishing up my second year as a “Digital Nomad“, I decided to invest in new equipment and become a professional.


In 2018, I’m now managing content across my 3 YouTube channels, 2 blogs and 2 Instagram accounts but the priority is to share my skills and passion as a video maker by collaborating and working with others.

If you would like to work with me on a video project, please get in touch.

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